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    Whatever type of accident you have suffered it is our aim to ensure that your injury claim is dealt with efficiently and that you are kept fully informed by our injury lawyers at each stage through to settlement. Remember that there are time constraints as to when you can make an accident or injury claims for compensation, so it is important that you don't delay and start your claim straight away.

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    We offer legal services across the UK to many people claiming compensation for personal accidents, industrial injury, road traffic accidents, slip or fall, child claims and many other types of accident claim.
More information on personal injury

More information on personal injury

Personal Injury is a term used in legislation to describe victims’ rights. If a person suffers physical or mental injuries because of the negligence of an individual, government, organisation or any entity then that person is said to have suffered personal injury. There are many cases of personal injury which can be used as guidelines to secure compensation for a victim, where a like-for-like case has been settled in the past showing the negligence of a third party and what the case should settle for. Even so, proving negligence isn’t always an easy thing to do.

Quite simply, evidence is the key to securing a case which will stand up in an English court of law if needed (although most cases settle without the need of court). As such, it’s better to employ a lawyer who has experience and a reputation for doing well in this area.

Hiring an expert solicitor might seem like a difficult task to do. A good lawyer should be able to help you and have a good understanding of the amount of compensation you might recover as a result of making a claim. A car accident solicitor might have lots of expertise in handling cases regarding motor vehicle accidents and should be able to help you determine, through previous knowledge, how much compensation is available for a specific type of injury.

‘Work accidents’ is another area of injury law that the solicitor of choice should be experienced with. Look for a deep understanding of the legal industry and the ability to provide resolutions to various situations.