Accidents On Holiday

Having an accident on holiday can be very distressing.

We save up so we can enjoy a special holiday with our loved ones in our precious free time and it is very upsetting when it is disrupted or ruined. If you have develop an illness on holiday or are injured on holiday and it was not your fault it is only natural to want to claim Holiday Accident Compensation.

The Difference we make:

    Claiming holiday accident compensation can be complicated as the circumstances are very varied. You may have been injured in the air, on the sea or been made ill by holiday food. You may even have been injured on an excursion. We know the different laws that apply to all of these different situations.

Remember, not all solicitors are the same.

Did You Know?

    Different countries have different time limits for making a claim. Sometimes as little as one year after the accident. Don't miss out your chance to make a claim.

Case Study

Mr W was on a flight to Amsterdam when he fallen on by a drunken passenger. The impact of the passenger on his leg, broke his ankle.

On his return from his trip Mr H contacted PIP Law and we wasted no time in contacting the airline. The airline appointed solicitors who initially denied liability but PIP Law pointed out the drunk passenger should not have been allowed on the plane and the airline settled the claim, and we got Mr W over £10,000 in damages.