Slips, Trips and Falls

Every year thousands of people suffer a fall for a variety of reasons in differing situations. You may for example have tripped due to a defective paving stone or hole on a footpath. Alternatively you may have slipped in a supermarket due to a wet floor, or tripped over an obstruction at work.

We can help you by:

  • Obtaining compensation for your injuries
  • Recovering any loss of earnings or other expenses you may have incurred
  • Dealing with the defendant and their insurers
  • Providing access to specialist rehabilitation care

Did you know?

  • Whatever the nature of your accident you may have recourse under law to claim compensation for your injuries.
  • Responsibility for falls in many public areas lies with the Local Authority. Owners of private premises must also ensure that they are in a safe condition for members of the public to use.
  • Similarly employers have a duty under law to ensure that the working environment is safe.

Case Study


Mrs B from Devon was out doing her weekly shopping in her local branch of Sainsbury’s when she slipped on some loose frozen chips that were scattered across the isle floor. 

As a result from this slip Mrs B received back injuries and was left in agony and unable to continue with her daily tasks for some time.

What we did

Mrs B had heard of our team of personal injury UK specialists and requested one of our team to call her back, after assessing CCTV footage of the accident and noting no yellow warning triangles were in place at the time of the incident Mrs B was awarded £6,750 in compensation.


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